The Lonely Doll…

The DSM IV says those with BPD cannot be officially diagnosed until age 18.  However, I believe I exhbited traits as early as age 3 or 4.  As a child of 3 or 4 my Dad took my brother and I to the library every day.  I was at that time reading already… One day I stumbled onto this old, torn book.  It didn’t have vibrant colors to attract me, but something made me want to read it.  It was called “The Lonely Doll.”  Edith, a beautiful little doll, lived in a pretty house with everything she could want.  Except one thing.  She had noone to play with.  I related to her loneliness, I suppose.  Until one day, she meets two teddy bears wo become her best friends.  I think even then I longed to find like Edith, those best friends.  Everyday, I’d run to the section to read this book, over and over and over.  It was old and tattered, but it’s words connected to my soul even then.  My brother and the other children would sit with hundreds of books on the table, perusing, laughing, talking.  But, I would plop myself on the floor alone reading about Edith and how lonely she was and then how happy she was to have found the bears.  As soon as I got a library card, I’d take that one book out constantly… It’s ironic how today I am Edith, nice house, everyting I need, yet nothing I want.  I’m still looking for my two teddy bears or at this point I’d take one… I implore parents to observe your child, what are they reading? Why?  How shy are they?  Children are naturally uninhibited, what is making them so shy if they are?  Had this been done for me it could have saved me years of anguish…


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  1. another great article ! keep them coming !

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