by Hope Mousley

Here I sit out under the sky,
watching the silent world go by
feeling at last that my troubles have flown,
forgetting the need I had to moan.

Sometimes I feel depressed and sad,
but this evening I dont feel so bad,
Sat out here under the stars alone,
thinking about the seeds for the future I have sown.

My future I hope is going to be brighter,
and the weight of my past will become lighter.
my past was full of sorrows and abuse
and I used to feel like becoming a recluse.

I can now live my life again.
a life that’s no longer full of pain.
To my friends and God I owe a great deal.
with their help my wounds began to heal.

Being abused is no fun at all,
but there is light at the end of the tunnel.
take heart all survivors out there,
tell someone as there are people who care.


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