The Sun Has Gone Down…

Today started a good day, great day as a matter of fact.  It rained, but when I got up this morning, it felt like the sun was out.   Sunshine has strange powers on me, as soon as it came out a couple of weeks ago, I was like Superman, full of POWER, STRENGTH, ENERGY.  I was warm.   I used to have a best friend.  For a reason i cannot explain he has cut off all contact. Perhaps the despair got too heavy, perhaps the tears were drowning him, perhaps the roller coaster ride stopped in time for him to get off.   I went to see my DBT therapist, she suggested I write him a letter.  I did.  Using DEAR MAN.  She said to be prepared for the answer, thought I was.  Past couple of weeks have been so good, just thought I was brave enough.  I wrote.  He finally answered. “Good luck, I will not respond to you.”  And now, I CAN hear the rain, I can SEE the rain, I can FEEL the rain.  The SUN has descended and Fia is no longer feeling warm…


2 Responses

  1. His reply makes no sense to us without knowing the whole story! Taken by itself, that reply could me a bunch of things.

    • I know, but it makes no sense to me… I too am trying to figure it out. The story is we were good friends for 4 years. I was depressed much of the time so I guess it got to be too much?

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