I came across a children’s book today that talked of what HOPE is…. In reading it, I realized that even in the smallest of things we can find it , and here are my ideas  of HOPE…

Tears shed to release the pain,  Mommy’s song,  Daddy’s embrace, whispering, “It’ll all be OK.”, a friend’s phone call, asking “How are you?”, a Heart that can accept, understand, forgive move on…  Children laughing,  my Dog licking my tears as I weep,  knowing someone who can truly understand you and still love you with all your faults,  recieving flowers “just because..”, getting out of bed even in the most extreme pain, hearing “I Love You”, in the middle of the night, dreaming, being able to help others even when  you cant seem to help yourself, dancing, the Sun rising ever morning, knowing that I am stronger becasue I am surviving,  the smiling homeless man on the street, church bells ringing,  taking a risk, knowing that it will not stay the same, knowing that I can be the change I want in the world(Gandhi).. accepting myself, accepting my mistakes, accepting my faults and falling in love with ME, listening to those around you who are in need,, realizing I a not so different,  the Sun peering through the grey clouds after a thunderstorm, reminding myself that others are worse off and still pushig forward , the peaceful sound of raindrops against my windowsill on a Sunday morning, the excitiement in my Dog’s eyes when he sees me, knowing I am not alone, and finally the  flicker of light deep down that even in darkest of hours shines , allowing me to see even in that dark tunnel…


5 Responses

  1. This is absolutely beautiful, bill

  2. oh Fia,

    you’re soooo awesome ❤
    you give sooo much hope as you travel along your journey!!!
    i absolutely LOVE you & wish to F*** we were neighbors.
    thank you for this HOPE entry. it gave ME hope & i am just beginning my journey. it's only been 2 months since i finally accepted this diagnosis, given atLEAST 5 yrs ago :O
    i thank God for you & i thank God for this website. it has made me better, it has given me HOPE.

    ilu ❤ Jiinxsay

  3. beautiful. and hopeful. 🙂

  4. beautiful! thank you for sharing your hope…

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