Without knowing I have been searching for Fia all my life, worried about what was happening to me, guilty about the past, worried about the future, but never in the present.  At one point I was on a mission to find out what was going to happen in my life, unaware that I was creating my own destiny.  What gave me comfort?  Psychics.  I would pay hundereds of dollars to have soemone sit me down and tell me what was to become of my life, well never really satisified I kept finding more and more “reputable” psychics who would straigthen it all out for me, pu the pieces of the puzzle together.  Instead of focusing on what was happening at that very time, I was obsessed, would I ever find love?, would I ever move?, would I ever get a job I liked? would I? would I?  Of course these psychics all did their best to appease me, tell me things that were going to happen, but always with the preface that  I had the power to change that destiny.  Well, excuse me but if it’s destiny, how can one change it?  I must have went to dozens, but I will say this every single one of them, as soon as I walked in told me almost the same thing, “Fia, someone has hurt you, someone has put  a curse on you to never be happy.”  Two actually said that I had two old evil spirits (women) on my back who were preventing me from happiness, dragging me down.   So in my mind I saw this as reality, I didn’t have a sickeness, I was cursed, and perhaps it is the same thing.  I have never dabbled in psychics, or any type of spiritual paractice again, however the other day as I was on my knees begging God for peace, after I finished I ran to the phone.  I called a friend.  “Do you have a priest friend?”  “Maybe, I am cursed, maybe he can bless me, maybe he can take the evil spirits away.”  At that point, and at this point I am willing to try anything in search of a more peaceful existence.


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  1. This is Great- I want to encourage all of us to give a great THANK YOU to Lauren Maynard. . I want to thank her personally for inviting me to write on her website. She has enabled so many people who were living alone in the darkness and agony of their soul to come out and share their lives with each other’ She stays in the distance, never asks for thanks. She has worked thousands of hours putting this site together for all to share. I see so many things that jog my memory and experience and bring me back to things long stashed away. Old stuff really doesn’t go away, it just comes out in some other unhealthy form . It is the hydra- headed monster that we have to try to keep beating down Thank you Lauren- thank you from all of us- bill,

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