What You’re Grateful For

A couple weeks ago, I asked everyone on our Facebook fan page what they’re grateful for– and I got 34 responses! Here’s what everyone said:

  • my family
  • that the infections i currently have aren’t a lot worse (as they very well could’ve been) & that i only have to take a 5-day course of antibiotics, 1 pill a day, and they don’t upset my stomach! \o/ Oh yeah, and also, new love.
  • my wonderful grandchildren
  • my mum and my fiance, ok I know that’s two but they both mean so much to be
  • The wallet I lost yesterday, but was mailed to me today.
  • my kids… if it were not for them… i question whether i would still be here!
  • my cat and peace in my mind
  • for my 2 kids being so good to me
  • the animals I pet sit for. ♥
  • My family-friends
  • my kids
  • my nephews!!
  • My kids.
  • rainbows
  • my amazing understanding husband
  • My GP and psychiatrist, and my good mates that are very understanding.
  • my Girlfriend
  • That I have a happy healthy little boy who loves my very much I hopes one day he can come back to live with me ♥
  • Surprisingly i’m grateful for all the things that have ever happened to me because without them I wouldn’t be the person I am…
  • Facebook
  • My physical health, my lovely family and my adorable pets ♥
  • My babies…without them there really would be no point
  • my family that stands with me to the very end.
  • my two daughters – i need them, as without them i wouldn’t be here today
  • The BPD support pages on FB, it’s amazing how much they help.
  • grateful that every day I wake up, I get the chance to live my life differently.
  • my sisters ♥
  • my beautiful children
  • that i’m still here
  • My therapist
  • My dog…she is in training to be a psychiatric service dog and already helps me so much! I can’t wait until she is fully trained.
  • Just One? My uberwonderful partner of 22 years, Rachel.
  • my daughter!!! everyday!!! one more… my boyfriend.
  • that we who struggle with borderline traits are forming supportive communities through the Internet….

Life can be very difficult at times, but there is SO much to be grateful for! Whenever you’re feeling hopeless or down, try to remember the good that’s in your life. Find a reason to hang in there, a reason to keep going.


3 Responses

  1. I am grateful for a sense of humor that is better than any drug in getting you through the most painful and disturbing, not to mention ironic trials in life.

  2. This is one of the best blogs I’ve come across dealing with allot of issues that I deal with. I would say that I am very grateful for people who can find the strength to find this information and share it in a way that may help others. Thank you.

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