“The Unliving”

By Jason Punko

Have you ever wondered what it means when someone says that they are the
unliving? Well, for me this is what it means:

The Unliving

Death without death,
Life without life,
That is the unliving

Empty and hollow,
Of purpose, value and meaning
That is the unliving

A black void all encompassing,
Nothing but darkness to be seen
That is the unliving.

Not living in the shadows,
Being the shadows
That is the unliving.

Pain, suffering, hurt – not enemies to be defeated,
Rather lovers to be embraced – just to feel SOMETHING
That is the unliving

To drift through life,
A ghost unseen by any
That is the unliving

To scream at the top of your lungs
Into a tornado unheard
That is the unliving

No identity
No hope
No feeling
No existence
No value
No self-worth
An outcast

Your main goals for any given day:
1. Getting out of bed
2. Functioing
3. Not dying

Welcome to the world– not of undeath, which is the world between the worlds of
the living and the dead– but the world of the unliving. The world detached
from them all. Cold, dark, lonely, isolated.

So the next time you hear someone say they are struggling, that they are
dead and hollow inside, that they are dead but their body just hasn’t
figured it out yet, or any of a host of other things, do not tell them to
“suck it up” or “to stop wallowing.” Instead show them compassion,
understanding, and just plain listen. At these times, just knowing someone is
listening, someone “sees” them can make all the difference in the world. Do
not turn a blind eye and deaf ear to them, especially when it is someone
that you mean the world to. Even when you can’t solve their problems, even
when you can’t “do” anything, listen. When you listen, you do more than you

Trust me, I know from both sides.



Written July 4th, 2007

As I crash through the wooden gates of your mind,
I see what you’ve been hiding;
secret feelings locked away
behind forbidden walls.
My anger flares up like a fire.
Your unkind truths cut me like a knife.

Hold me now,
leave me now,
abuse me now.

Sometimes I wish that I could go away
and leave the past behind.
I have a splinter in my hand.
I can’t get it out,
it grows deeper in my skin.

Hold me now,
leave me now,
abuse me now.

My confusion is aimed in your direction;
pull the trigger and it will explode.
Make me, don’t break me,
I just want to be loved.
This pain is so f***ing real,
I’d feel it if I wasn’t numb.
Treat me like a toy,
leave me broken on the ground.
It’s easier to make cuts than to heal them.

Hold me now,
leave me now,
abuse me now.

Love me or hate me,
it’s all the same.



by Hope Mousley

Here I sit out under the sky,
watching the silent world go by
feeling at last that my troubles have flown,
forgetting the need I had to moan.

Sometimes I feel depressed and sad,
but this evening I dont feel so bad,
Sat out here under the stars alone,
thinking about the seeds for the future I have sown.

My future I hope is going to be brighter,
and the weight of my past will become lighter.
my past was full of sorrows and abuse
and I used to feel like becoming a recluse.

I can now live my life again.
a life that’s no longer full of pain.
To my friends and God I owe a great deal.
with their help my wounds began to heal.

Being abused is no fun at all,
but there is light at the end of the tunnel.
take heart all survivors out there,
tell someone as there are people who care.