What People Are Saying About Us

Thank you all for your continued support of On The Borderline! Here’s what some people have said about us:

“I read your site daily. It has been a great inspiration, and tool for my daily life.”

“I wanted to tell you how wonderful I think your work is, both inspiring and morally grounded. I’ve checked out your website before, and I have to say…it really helped me out a lot.”

“…the posts ontheborderline posts on tumblr really cheer up my day. I feel like as silly as it may sound that every week I favorite the images, quotes, thoughts and voice them in therapy because I feel the posts give words to the feelings I can’t voice, so I know the organization has brought me at least momentary happiness…”

“You totally inspired me…it took a while…but thank you…. thank you so so much :)”

“Thanks to Lauren – she’s created the BEST site for recovery. THIS is part of my daily routine.”

“This is one of the best blogs I’ve come across dealing with a lot of issues that I deal with.”


One Response

  1. Great site. Such a useful resource

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